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Prudential Education



Australian Universities

  1. Macquarie University, NSW;
  2. Victoria University, Sydney Campus, NSW;
  3. Victoria University, Melbourne Campus, VIC;
  4. UTS In-search, NSW;
  5. University of Wollongong, NSW;
  6. MIT University, NSW
  7. Flinders University, SA;
  8. University of New Castle, NSW;
  9. University of western Sydney, NSW;
  10. James Cook University, QLD;
  11. CQU, NSW;
  12. USQ,NSW;
  13. SCU,NSW;
  14. Charles Darwin University, NT;
  15. Charles Stuart University, NSW;
  16. Edith Cowan University, ECU, WA;
  17. Australian Catholic University, NSW;
  18. SCU, NSW;
  19. RMIT University, VIC;
  20. SBTA, NSW;
  21. Griffith University, QLD.

Australian Colleges

  1. SIBT, NSW;
  2. Kaplan Business School, NSW;
  3. Cambridge International College, SA, VIC;
  4. Canterbury Business Institute, NSW;
  5. Careers Australia Group, NSW;
  6. QIBA, NSW;
  7. CASS Training International College, NSW;
  8. Central College, NSW;
  9. ECA, NSW;
  10. Education and Training International, WA;
  11. Elisis, NSW;
  12. Grand Academy, NSW;
  13. Holmes Institute, NSW;
  14. IIBT, NSW;
  15. Pacific College, NSW;
  16. Lamart College, NSW;
  17. Loura Business College, NSW;
  18. AAMS, NSW;
  19. ACMT, NSW;
  20. ABBEY College, NSW;
  21. ANIBT, VIC;
  22. AAIT, VIC;
  23. APEX Institute, NSW;
  24. APIC International College, NSW;
  25. ZBA, NSW;
  26.  Ashmark Institute, VIC;
  27. Australian College of Vocational Studies, NSW;
  28. AICL, NSW;
  29. AITE, NSW;
  30. AVLC, NSW;
  31. ACVS,NSW;
  32. ACT, NSW;
  33. Australian Institute of further academics, SA;
  34. Australian Institute of Higher Education, NSW;
  35. Billy Blue College of design, NSW;
  36. Melbourne Institute of Engineering, VIC;
  37. Melbourne Institute of Technology (Mel), VIC;
  38. Ozford College, VIC;
  39. Pacific College, NSW;
  40. Perth Institute of Business and Technology, WA;
  41. Pacific International College, Perth, WA;
  42. QAEC, NSW;
  43. SCBIT, NSW;
  44. Sarina Russo School, QLD;
  45. Shafston Institute, QLD;
  46. Sheffield College of Technology, QLD;
  47. South Australia College of English, SA;
  48. Southbank Institute of Technology, QLD;
  49. Stanley College, WA;
  50. Sunshine College of Management, VIC;
  51. Tafe south Australia, SA;
  52. UIC, NSW;
  53. Unique International College, NSW;
  54. West Australia English College, WA.

Other Universities

  1. Maritime Greenwich College, London, UK;
  2. ARButus College, Vancuver, Canada;
  3. Northern Lights College, CA, USA;
  4. Okanagan College, CA, USA;
  5. Sheridan Institute of technology and Advance Learning, Ontario, Canada;
  6. TASMAC, London, UK;
  7. University of Denver, CO, USA;
  8. Western University of Technology, Taranaki, New Zealand.


Holmes Institute

University of Ballarat

Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT)

Central Queensland University (CQU)

University of Western Sydney (UWS)

Victoria University (VU)


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