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Admission Services

Prudential International Education Services is very helpful to the students for taking perfect education decisions. Education expertise of our organization assists students to get admission as per their choice in well-known universities of Australia. Find out a suitable institute in Australia is a daunting task. It is little bit complicated to decide a perfect college for a certain student. Selecting a college is not a simple task. We have experience to provide requirement of students.

Step: 1

All ambitious students who want to take overseas education must visit our office where they will get all helpful information related to different faculties. Parents and even students require taking proper steps because they must feel satisfaction for the steps which they have taken of enrolling in Australia.

Step: 2

Once students and parents have taken decision, after that students need to make application with Prudential Education for a selected university. Basically, university has limited seat, so some times they give admission on who come first but at the end it is totally depending on final choice of the university as per the availability of the seat as well as marks in examination of 12th standard.

Step: 3

Prudential Education is very helpful to the students for choosing appropriate university and college. Students can easily obtained in-depth information about the best course and program. We also end struggle of our clients by assisting them about which school is a good for application. Even more, it is also helpful to choose a perfect program that is ideal for the students. So, we are helping them to select the best university. The most significant step is that we go through honest valuation of application which you want to pursue. If we realize that your goal is uneven with your chosen college at that time we assist to find out the best program that is nicely suite in your career. If students and parents don’t have idea about any particular program, in that case we provide a long list of colleges that will nicely help them to meet their goal.

Step: 4

Once students submit their documents to the Prudential Education then student must apply for the passport if they do not have. Basically, the issuance of passport will take about 45 days. But keep in mind that delay in applying for passport then it is possible to delay in departure of students to Australia.

Step: 5

If any students want to take admission in Medical then they need to apply for eligibility certificate because students need to submit it at Medical Council of India. For this kind of process, Prudential Education will help to apply for the same.

Step: 6

Once students will get passport as well as visa invitation from the university, it makes application for stamping of visa and then hands over original passport with original documents.

Step: 7

Now, students should be ready by completing his packing and after that make necessary arrangements of travel on the date intimated by Prudential Education. It also confirms all required documentation has been duly accomplished.

Advantages of applying through Prudential Education :

  1. Expert Guidance : We help you select two or three best universities based on your profile and where you have maximum chances of securing an admission.
  2. Visa Counselling : Australian visa process is extremely cumbersome and takes around 8 weeks, which includes a pre-visa assessment. It is very important to prepare for the process and get all necessary documents as per the High Commission requirements.
  3. FREE Service : The Prudential Education service is free for the student. You do not even pay to courier the documents to the respective universities. In fact, you will definitely incur more expenses if you apply on your own, not to mention the headache associated with it.

Why is it free ?

  • The service is funded by organizations promoting Australian Education among international students. There is no charge to students.
  • The service is designed to simplify the process of applying to Australian universities.
  • The service is not limited to any particular university in Australia. You can apply to any university or college of your choice.

How does the admission service work ?

  • Complete the online inquiry form.
  • Our counsellors will study your profile to see if you meet the minimum university requirements.
  • Once your profile is approved, you can send us the required documents. We will need the originals for verification. The originals will be returned to you after validation.
  • We will study your profile and provide you with a list of universities that match your academic background and interests. We will work with you to select two universities that best match your profile.
  • Once the universities are short-listed, we will send you the application forms of the selected universities.
  • You can complete the forms and send it to us.
  • We will check the form and the required documents and forward the same to the university.
  • We will be track your application status and keep you updated on the progress.
  • Once you get an admission, we will start the visa preparation process. We will guide you about the required documents and will prepare you for the visa interview.


What do you get ?

  • Professional Guidance : Counselling and guidance about courses and universities that best meet your requirements, background and budget by trained counsellors with extensive knowledge about UK education system and universities.
  • Scholarships : Guidance regarding scholarship criteria and preparing your application to maximise scholarship chances. Almost all our students get some kind of scholarship.
  • Application Help : Application processing to ensure that your application is perfect and double checked by Prudential Education before it reaches the University.  Send all your applications to one address and relax. We will do the follow up for you and keep you informed.
  • Save Money :   Save your application and courier expenses.
  • Fail-proof Visa Process : Get professional visa guidance by the preferred partners of British High Commission. Our counsellors will check all documents and correct before you file for visa.

All this for FREE!

  • This service is available for the all UK universities.
  • We Guarantee you an admission. We guide you for the visa.

Why Should you apply through Prudential Education ?

  • Professional Guidance & Visa Processing : Prudential Education is referred partner of British High Commission. You get the best possible counselling. 
  • Faster Process - Quick Admissions : Our close links with the universities and follow-up systems ensure that you get your admission letter in the minimum possible time. In many cases, you may get admission letters from universities within 24 hours.
  • Scholarships : Most of our students get some kind of scholarships. We will try our best to get you a scholarship.
  • Part-time job/employment help in UK : An office in UK ensures that you get support to find part-time jobs and full-time employment within UK. Like most of our students, you can get part-time jobs within weeks of landing in UK because of our tie-ups with companies in UK.
  • Airport pick-up/Mentoring in UK : A team of current students in UK trained by us ensure that you get help and support in settling down in UK.
  • Prudential Education pre-departure kit : You will get a kit consisting of calling card, UK mobile number to ensure that you are in touch with your family back home. You also get good deals in changing currency, air-tickets and other benefits.

Why is it FREE ?

Prudential Education is the official representative of UK universities and is funded by the universities and organisations promoting international education worldwide. All our services are FREE for students.

Which universities can I apply to ?

The simple answer is ANY. This service is available for the all UK universities. 
With exceptional international education expertise, we Guarantee you an admission.


Applying to US universities is a cumbersome process. To help you in this process, Prudential Education has prepared a list of services to help you at every step of the application :

Admission Services

Prudential Education Student Placement System helps you secure an admission in a US university. And, it's simple, efficient and cost-effective.

Simple because with just one application form, you have to fill up just one common application form that can be used for multiple institutes.

Efficient because once the application is filled, you are guaranteed to receive an admission within 12 weeks.

How does it work ?

  1. Complete the application form and send us your documents and application fee.
  2. We will study your profile and provide you with a list of universities that match your academic background and interests. We will work with you to rank the universities in order of your preference. 
  3. You are guaranteed to get an admission in one of the selected universities. It will be our endeavour to secure you an admission in your top choice of university. It is our responsibility to pay the application fees and send your application package to the universities. 
  4. We will inform you of your admission within 10 weeks of filling the form. You will receive your admission letter (I-20) from the university directly.  
  5. We will send you the detailed visa guidelines and help you prepare for the visa as soon as you get your I-20.


  • Cost : Application fee of US schools range between US $25 - $125. In addition, you would spend courier charges for each application package. You will spend a fraction of the cost when you apply through us.
  • Convenience : Send us the required documents with our fee. Leave the rest to us. We will stay in touch with you over emails, and we are available 24 hours to answer questions.
  • Time : You will receive an admission within 12 weeks of applying, in most cases to your top choice university.
  • Assured Admission : The process of choosing and applying to universities can be very cumbersome. More agonising is the fact that after all you may not even secure an admission. Your admission is guaranteed when you apply through us.


Prudential Education Student Placement System helps you secure an admission in a Canadian college.

Canadian colleges are different from universities. Colleges do not offer degree programs. They offer diploma and certificate programs. Post-graduate diploma and certificate programs offered by Canadian colleges are quite popular with Indian students.

Please Note : This service is NOT for bachelor degree, MS degree, MBA degree or other such degree programs.

Advantages of one-year programs

  1. The postgraduate programs are of one-year duration. So, they are cost-effective.
  2. You can work upto one-year after completing the program.
  3. The programs are very cost effective. The average tuition fee for a year.
  4. The postgraduate programs are highly job-oriented as they are industry focussed. Most colleges help students find jobs.
  5. Students with three year bachelor degrees like BSC and BCom are not eligible for most masters programs in US and canada. They can apply for the one-year postgraduate programs.
  6. GRE or GMAT scores not required. Most colleges require TOEFL or IELTS score. Some colleges accept students without a TOEFL score as well.
  7. Canada welcomes qualified immigrants. If you are looking at immigration, Canadian education will be helpful.

How does the admission service work ?

  1. Complete the inquiry form.
  2. Our counsellors will study your profile to see if you meet the requirements.
  3. Once your profile is approved, you can send us the application fee.
  4. We will study your profile and provide you with a list of colleges that match your academic background and interests. We will work with you to select two colleges that best match your profile.
  5. Once the colleges are short-listed, we will send you the application forms of the selected colleges.
  6. You can complete the form and send it to us along with the required documents.
  7. We will check the form and the required documents and forward the same to the college.
  8. We will be keep a track of your application status and keep you updated.


Holmes Institute

University of Ballarat

Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT)

Central Queensland University (CQU)

University of Western Sydney (UWS)

Victoria University (VU)


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